Friday, April 15, 2011

The 10 suggestions

Recently, there have been rumblings in many states about Sharia law. These laws, used in Islamic countries, dictate just how people must live their lives. The fear here in good old US of A is that these laws may end up displacing our customary laws based on "The 10 Suggestions". Now we've always heard that these were "commandments", carved in stone, and carried down a mountainside by a grubby looking, white haired old guy dressed in sheets. Was he the first Klansman? No, he was called Moses (Jones, Smith, what??) and did a great job lugging these stone behemoths down the mountainside.
But commandments? I don't think so, people take them more as suggestions!

Let's face it, modern man has no time, nor inclination to follow these laws. We'd all rather just quote them when necessary, and then ignore them. For example: "Don't steal". It seems pretty straightforward, but if you look at politicians these days, they are in effect stealing your money, getting paid to do unto you, and not the big campaign donors. Or how about the one about coveting your neighbor's goods? How would corporate America survive without consumer envy? Would we buy new cars, homes, or anything else if we didn't lust after it? Hell, that one's followed by coveting your neighbor's wife; you can't do that either! All those years we had that poster of Farrah Fawcett in our bedrooms, dens, and garages, should, by all rights, condemn us to a pretty toasty afterlife.

Face it, the whole thing is a pain in modern man's ass! Keep the Lord's day holy now means watch football, baseball, NASCAR, play golf, and offering up a cold one or two, to the big guy. That's good enough! And the one about killing? Sheesh, how could we have any wars, murders, and gang banging if folks followed that suggestion? No concealed carry of firearms, no amassing of dozens of hand guns, rifles, and automatic weapons! Oh, and the "bearing false witness" one would effectively end politicians careers, as they can't seem to ever tell the truth. No we don't need to heed any of this crap, just spout it when the time is right, and sound like devout, upstanding people.

Heaven forbid if Muslim law, based on religion, were to take hold in this country! Why some states, in mortal fear of any other religion, have enacted laws to make following religious law null and void in a court of law. Oklahoma has passed just such a law. Now here's the rub, it makes the 10 Suggestions null and void too!

Those brainless buffoons have in their stupidity,made murder, stealing, and lying legal (and not just for the politically connected)! In their great fear of anything that isn't white, or Christian, they have in effect, negated their own religious teachings. Thank goodness the Big Guy was just kidding when he made up that stone tablet!

Way to go, Oklahoma!