Wednesday, June 13, 2012


As we get older, we find less that we're willing to tolerate.  The fact that we've lived a long life, means we've seen things, or been subjected to things,  that the younger set hasn't.  We spent our whole lives with a number of pet-peeves, and they tend to increase by the day.  Of course, the ones that we started with, remain with us.

My biggest piss-off is ties.  The simple fact that knotting a rag around one's neck is thought to make them a professional is just plain crazy.  I realize, that in the 1800's, men wore cravats (ties) as part of their every day dress.  It was more of a fashion requirement, than a fashion statement.  As time progressed, the tie became part of "business attire".  How silly!  Wearing a tie, didn't make you a better worker, a more intelligent being, nor more honest.  It simply meant that you had "knuckled under" and towed the company line.

As time rolled on, the suit and tie became part of our culture.  In the 1970's we had suits so huge, that a person could walk across a room, and the suit would still stay there he started.  What a great advertisement for a business!  "Buy from us...I'm wearing a suit and tie!"  Looking back, the whole thing seems rather stupid.

By the 1980's, a tie was a regular item of business attire.  It was thought that a tie made one look "Professional", sort of like fishnets make a hooker look like a pro.

The slimy, greaseballs who tried to sell you things, always wore ties. A white shirt and tie meant that a person was an honest businessman, who would never cheat you.  After all, he was wearing a TIE!

Women, never had to suffer this scourge.  They had a more generous choice of clothing, but on the other hand, they failed to receive the pay men did.  I suppose it was their punishment for not towing the line...

Fast forward to today!  We now have "Power Ties" for the elitists.  Can one charge one's cell phone off a power tie?  Nope, didn't think so!
The idea that now, some sweaty greaseball holds you as a hostage, controlled by your collar and tie, much like a collar and leash, is appalling.  We the people deserve better.  We are not slaves, we are not subject to our bosses whims.  A tie does not make a person any more honest, nor any more productive.  A shirt and tie are worn to impress a  customer, while the wearer cleans out your bank account.  

I would rather deal with a person in a T-Shirt and Jeans, than a slick guy wearing a shirt and tie.  Business attire is like a mask, where perpetrators can hide behind.  If a person wears what they want, it's easier to see what that person is all about.  

Casual dress, brings out the real person.  There's no pretense, no phony persona, just the person behind the clothing. 

Why isn't there a revolt among the worker bees?  Stand up and renounce your corporate allegiance!  I guess that that collar and leash are a bit too tight, and if you don't perform.........