Friday, July 5, 2013

Saluting American Pride!

Independence day has come and gone, and as a country, we are full of pride in not only what we did in the past, but what we can do in out future.  We hear patriotic boasting that we are the best country on earth, because we have all this pent-up American pride.  It seems a bit silly, since we have most "American" products made in other countries.
Whatever happened to the pioneering spirit we once had?  Does every business venture have to end in the principals getting wealthy, while ignoring the American people who need those jobs?

Years ago, I had gone to a local store to replace a rather singed and ratty oven mit.  I found one, picked it up, and examined it.  Nothing fancy, nothing more than a throw-away product.  I was surprised to read the tag attached to his item.  It told all about the company that made it...Right here in the USA...and the pride they took in producing it.  I felt a rush of patriotism and bought two of them!  This happened over 20 years ago, but these "throw-away" items are still in use today, holding up, and doing their job!
So I have to ask, "why isn't that pride, that sense of accomplishment, still prevelant in America?"  The pride this company had in producing a simple item really hit me.  Where is that pride today?
Jobs are scarce in this country.  Most work is farmed out to countries where labor is cheap, so CEO's and others can make maximum profits.  Working Americans are offered low-wage, part-time jobs instead of something they can support their family on.  Is this the country our forefathers envisioned?

Yes it took something simple to bring home the idea that the American dream isn't dead yet, tho forces are at work to make sure it does indeed die.

Buy products produced right here, and support your friends and neighbors.  Boycott anything that isn't sourced from the good old USA.  And buy this company's products, for they are one of the few keeping the American dream alive!