Monday, March 28, 2011

I've seen the future....and I'm scared!

I know I'm always making fun of the Doomsday Believers, the people who think the "New World Order" will take over, and those kooky folks that believe that the Federal government can cause an earthquake with radio waves. I mean, it just sounds wacky to hear these theories based on nothing more than imagination..that is 'till I had a dream....

We had watched the movie "Get Smart" recently, (My favorite TV show when I was younger) and for some reason, i had a dream about the comedy film. While I don't remember much about the dream itself, I do remember seeing "Hymie the Robot" just before I woke up. As I lay there trying to lose the fog that surrounded my poor little mind, I thought to myself Hymie the ANDROID. All of a sudden, my mind became a whirl of activity. The fetid swamp that is my brain started to put together a few facts, and a pattern came out.

It just so happens that Google created an operating system called Android. Google, as you know, has darn near every bit of information in the known universe on it's servers, all of it processable in micro-seconds. Plus, Google has created, and is testing an automobile that is completely driver free, it can make decisions based on information from sensors, and from data from Google. Could the next step possibly be a real life android?

I would imagine a meeting with the latest Google creation would go something like this:

A middle aged woman hurries through a shopping mall, trying to purchase something before work. In her haste, she runs into a handsome looking man, and he catches her just before she falls.

MAN: Hello, I tried to move out of your way, but failed. Are you alright?
WOMAN: Yes I'm fine. I guess I didn't see you there.
MAN: That's quite alright. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Andy Droid, the latest Google creation.
WOMAN: You're a robot?? Wow, you sure are good looking! My name's Jane,
Jane Smith.
ANDY: (through the magic of his 4G interface, Andy streams information from
the Google servers). I'm pleased to meet you!
Andy: You do look a bit different than your Facebook profile photo.
Jane: How did you happen to see my photo?
Andy: As I said before I'm a Google android, and I have access to all your
Jane: Wow, that's amazing! I must admit that I have had some work done
and it has changed my appearance a little. Just minor stuff, really.
Andy: Yes, I'm reading your medical records here, and I see you've had your
nose done, had liposuction on your thighs, and had your boobs enlarged.
Jane: (blushing) What??!!
Andy: (laughing) I see you've also had your butt lifted. By the price they charged
you, they must have had to use some heavy equipment to do it!
Jane: (Turning red) That's a little too much personal information!
Andy: Nonsense! Besides, you'll look great in that little outfit you just ordered
online from Victoria's Secret! Of course, Tyra Banks looked better in it!
Jane: OK, that's enough; Goodbye!
Andy: Nice to meet you Jane Smith. By the way, your husband Frank won't be
home for dinner tonight. His secretary Miss Jenkins just reserved a table
and room for the two of them at the Chez Burger for this evening. You should see what she's
Jane storms away in a total rage, while Andy waits for another encounter!

We know that our online life, and any portion of it that's transmitted electronically, isn't safe from the prying eyes of Google.
Now I don't want to sound like a nutjob, but if they can build a car that doesn't need people to do it's thing, how long before they can can create an android, and take over the world???

Think about it!!