Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's tourist season in the Ozarks, and things are promising to get crazy this summer. We've already had three drownings, (and only one of them was a tourist for a change!) and a plane crash, where three people from the St. Louis area died. Worse yet, it's not even the 4th yet!
The local roads are clogged with cars bearing out of state license plates pulling all sorts of campers, boats, and sometimes both at the same time. Not to mention the huge motorhomes that take up large amounts of space in our local parking lots.
It's a great thing, as our economy is based on tourist dollars, much like the City of Branson to the north. Our lakes attract people from all over, and while it's good for the economy, people tend to get a little wild while out on the water. You see them everywhere, young people in varying states of undress buying huge amounts of alcohol on their way to the lake. Recently, 14 underage party goers were busted on a pontoon boat in lake Norfork, all were from Jonesboro, and all were out on bail within an hour. Pretty amazing if you ask me!
Then there's the time a couple of years ago, when a speedboat full of people charged out across the lake in pitch darkness, only to blast the boat 25 feet up the shore. Think they weren't drinking?
My point is that our guests here need to slow down and enjoy what the Ozarks have to offer, and behave themselves both for their own safety, and ours!
And now for my final thought, and the main reason for this rant:
All you elderly ladies out there, that go to the local stores wearing a bathing suit, and a cover-up, please make sure your cover-up covers you up! Yer grossing me out!!

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