Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tune in, Turn on, and Drop Out!

Ha! I've finally gotten a computer that's co-operating with me....at least for a while, anyway.

Right now, I'm still stewing over the fuss about the President speaking to the school children today. Some nutcases are calling this speech "an attempt to advance a political agenda". What, encouraging someone to get an education is a bad thing? All of this is being fed by the Right Wing media, the same ones that claimed the President "is a Muslum", or "he's a socialist".
This malarky is being devoured by simple minded people, who treat it as the gospel truth. These same people never question what they hear, they only obey. That's the scary thing here. Nazi Germany was ruled by fear. Any one different was singled out, there were no other opinions allowed, and anyone who spoke against the party, was punished. Sound familiar?
This is the same thing going on right now! Make the people fearful, so they only follow you, and what you say. Any other opinions, of facts for that matter are "lies". It's a scary thing that's happening, an intense effort to poison the minds of people.

Take for example the "Tea Partys" that have taken place lately. All the blame for our current woes is heaped at the President's feet. Why? He didn't get us into this mess. Where were these asshats during the past 8 years, when all the spending, lying, and torturing were going on? Once again, it's just a thinly veiled attempt to frighten people into believing that our current President is some sort of "Socialist Monster" that wants to enslave us!

It's time for some clear thinking here in America, and stop the wingnuts from bullshitting the news, instead of truthfully reporting it

Hell, if I ran the country, Fox News would be off the air! And, any parent that kept their child home today because of what they heard , would have those children taken away and deprogrammed!

To quote the late Frank Zappa: "If your kids knew how really lame you were, they'd murder you in your sleep". A little harsh, perhaps, but it sums it all up!

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