Sunday, October 23, 2011

"In The Beginning......"

For decades now, I have heard the biblical rant that we are created in "The Big Guy's" image. I've always wondered just how that could be justified. We are a diverse world, full of different Nationalities, personalities, and races. The biblical reference insinuates that there is just one group that wins the prize and I've got a problem with that!

Think back to the Noah's Ark fable, where two of each species in the animal kingdom were forced to board a crappy wooden boat (with no room service, bathrooms, or lounges) and float, un-powered, for 40 days and 40 nights. I wonder about the people who didn't look like Noah. Were there Chinese on board, or Eskimos, Native Americans, or Blacks? If there were, did they have to spend their time in the hold with the animals, while Noah and his family relaxed by the pool in First Class? Did they have to serve the drinks, or clean up after all the animals, or even row the boat?

If these folks were not invited on this grand tour, then just exactly how did they come to be? Were there other deity's that did the same thing for the individual ethnic groups?

Were there lots of "Big Guys"?

This could provide an interesting insight into evolution. We already know of the Caucasian version of life, but what about the rest of the population?

Imagine a deity who creates Asians in his image. Call him Chung King, if you will. He sends his people to, of all places, ASIA! What a smart guy! They live and do Asian stuff, until the Whites come in and declare them savages.

Native Americans are another group that need a deity. Call him Tonto, if you will. Under Tonto, the culture thrives, and the people learn to cultivate crops, and live off the land. They are happy as they are, and know nothing of greed and distrust.
Of course, the White Man moves in, finds gold, and kicks them off the land they've lived on for centuries.

And the blacks, what of them? Their deity would be a bit like James Brown, the Godfather of Soul. They too lived off the land, minded their own business, and survived for thousands of years in Africa. Of course, the white man came along and screwed this up as well. Needing slaves, they dragged the blacks out of the bush, and took all their freedoms away, in order to have someone get them a drink when needed.

The bottom line here is that all the biblical crap about kindness, and understanding is just that; CRAP! The world belongs to those that can BS the best, and that honor belongs to the Christians. They seem to have the right to call the rest of the world "savages", while they continue to slaughter millions who don't hold to their beliefs.

Is humanity any better off having an imaginary dude (or dudes) calling the shots? Can different people just be themselves, without retribution? Are there other lifeforms in the universe that one day will force us all to do things "their way"?
It's frightening that, perhaps, we might get treated as we've treated others.

Wouldn't our deity be pissed??

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