Friday, October 19, 2012

The tie that Binders...

Our President debated his challenger the other night, and it jarred me into finally getting off my ass and blogging again.  The challenger, Willard "Mitt" Romney is a very wealthy man, who has made his millions as a venture capitalist.  I know some of you are wondering just what this means.  If you think of the others in history, people like Blackbeard, or Jack Sparrow, perhaps you'll get an idea!
Unlike Robin Hood, a Venture Capitalist takes from everyone....and keeps it!
The candidates sparred back and forth over the economy, jobs, and war.  At one point in the debate though, Willard mentioned that he had "binders full of women".  Of course, thinking men and women all over the country, jumped on this for what it was;  a display of his lack of knowledge about anything in mainstream America.
Romney has led a charmed life.  He has gone to the best private schools, and was given the chance to be governor of Massachusetts and run it into the ground.  In his way of thinking, that makes him a perfect candidate.  He has no inkling of what life beyond his ivory tower was like.

Romney has several mansions around the country, garages with elevators in them,  and a dancing horse which he claims as a $77K tax credit.  The rest of his millions are hidden behind dummy corporations offshore.

You may ask yourself, "where is this rant going?"  Well, the "binders full of women" remark frames the whole Romney experience.  You don't hire a woman because she is the best person for the job;  you put here in a "binder" with others, to show you might have considered her at some point in time.  It's nice to wave a fist full of applications around, rather than have to hire them, much less pay them equally.   

His disdain for the working men and women in this country stems from his Bain days.  He would buy up companies, fire the workers one day, and hire them back at lower wages and benefits the next.  Later, he would strip the company of everything of value, and pocket enormous profits, while it was left to wither and die.  His policies, and past performance show he is not interested in jobs, at least not here in the US.  All that is important is that he makes money.  His campaign focuses on saying what the party, not people, want to hear.  No consideration is given to the workers, much less the women who will be affected.

"Women in binders" is a way to show he cares, at least in his mind.  While you may not be good enough to be included in the "good old white boys club" and get the pay that you deserve, you're in a "binder" so the public can see that you were "considered". 

Romney is completely out of touch with what the rest of us have to deal with We have no servants to cook for us, clean for us, nor do all the mundane things that we must do every day.  While he flails at trying to look like he understands the average person, he can only identify with the wealthy.

We, as a nation, are better than this. We all deserve the same respect we're expected to give our wealthy masters.
My question is:  Are they worthy? 

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