Monday, November 26, 2012

Thong-O Bongo!

A "Black Friday" incident over last weekend has been on my mind since I saw it on the news this morning.  It seems that shoppers lining up outside a mall in California never knew what lie ahead.  When the mall doors opened, and the crowd rushed in, a number of them headed for Victoria's Secret.  As the throng descended, two women began to fight over the underwear.  No, not underwear models, but regular women!  As the situation escalated, several men began to also fight over the underwear!  Fists were flying as they tried to defend their favorite thongs, and frilly things.  Luckily, this whole episode was caught on camera for those of us who were neither boxing, nor shopping at the mall.
This is disturbing on many levels, and the fact that none of the underwear was on a Black Friday deep discount makes it even worse.  It took the staff quite a while to clean up the store after the fights, but better yet, I'm thinking the perps had to spend some quality time in jail, waiting for someone to throw their bail.  Imagine one of these tough guys sitting next to a serial killer, and confessing  the fact that he's in for fighting over ladies underwear!  Can you say "Squeal like a pig?"  They will walk funny for months to come!

Centuries ago, the ancient Mayans (allegedly) predicted the end of the world.  Conveniently, it's supposed to happen this December (why wait?).  With sub-human behavior like that which happened over the weekend, the prediction seems spot-on.

The Mayans, though great builders and thinkers, were a barbaric people,  They believed in human sacrifice to please their Gods.  Young virgin women would be rounded up, and thrown into volcanos, fires or other ideas that the "gods" thought up.  This is where the two stories seem to intertwine.

A smart Mayan virgin decided she wasn't going to be the sacrifice De jour.  She thought that if she could tart herself up, the powers that be would think her not virginal and leave her alone.  She promptly made a trip to the Mall of the Ancients, and purchased some frilly underthings.  To make sure this would work, she wore them exclusively, as she paraded around the city.  Sure enough, the leaders passed her up for the great honor of being a sacrifice victim!  She was spared, and passed this important tip on to all her friends.  Soon the Mayan leaders found that they had run out of victims.  Not to be deterred, they invented the Mayan calendar, and for each month, had a different scantily-clad model at the top of the page, much like our car-parts store calendars do today!
When they ran out of models, they decided that the world would end, and sadly, they never existed long enough to see if they were right.

While thankfully, we still have Victoria's Secret models to show how advanced we supposedly are, we also have those buffoons that were fighting, along with the rest of the knuckleheads.

It's sad to see civilization in such a state of decay like that.  
Perhaps it's time to bring back those sacrifices.....   

Saturday, November 24, 2012

And they called the wind...Sharia

Another election is under our belts, and while the good guy won, the losers (literally), are not going to take this sitting down.
There are movements afoot by some, to secede from the US, simply because the "Black Guy" won!
Obviously, something is wrong here.  The Right Wing has been inundated with outright lies in order to strike fear in their hearts, and thus obtain their vote.

It takes place in carefully crafted keywords, meant to confuse and frighten those that believe them.  Words like "Socialist", "Muslim", 'New World Order", and better yet, questions about the President's birthplace, have abounded.
We hear these insane rants on a daily basis, in order to keep the fear burning in those infected.  After all, how can a Black Man be President?  What happened??
It's the Right-Wing nutcases that promote this fear, and the fact that their chosen warrior got his ass whupped, doesn't help!  The keywords intended to strike fear in the slower people, didn't seem to make a difference.  That being said, a new weapon against thinking folks has been trotted out:  Sharia Law.
It's linked to the Muslim faith, and it's considered a "Mooslum Law" here.  

Heaven forbid that another religion, attempt to take over the U. S. (where out constitution provides freedom from religion!)
No, the fear mongers push the theory that the non-
Christards, want to take over our country, and force us to believe their way.  Sound familiar?  All the Christard preachers, followers, and generally stupid population believe this is true.  They fear that Sharia law will supersede the laws that we founded the nation on.  Oddly enough, the biblical laws are, in fact, Sharia law!

Yes, it means religious law, and what ever imaginary person you believe in, are the laws that should govern the nation!  To think that there are so many  states here, that have passed laws against "Sharia Law" is appalling.  After all, the idea that "Thou shall not kill", or "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife", and "Thou shall not steal", are all Sharia law.

What is really sad is that people believe that our rights are being eroded.   The people spending billions to rig the election have set a course to control the minds of the people that can't seem to think for themselves.  Yes, the people in the tin-foil hats, are controlled completely by those that would use them to keep power.
When one looks at the beliefs being downloaded into their empty craniums, it's downright frighting!  

There is no secret, invisible planet, hiding near Jupiter, waiting to wipe out life on Earth.  Global warming is real, and the only way we can stop it is to cut pollution and fossil fuel usage.  Nor is the UN going to take over our country and force a "New World Order" upon us!
All because people that have wealth beyond imagination, didn't get their way!  
Sad, isn't it?  We send one scam artist to prison for scamming the wealthy, but attempt to elect one 10 times worse to be President.  The difference?  Cheating the wealthy is bad, cheating regular folks is just fine.

As long as there are AM radio talk shows, and Fox News, there will be a stream of propaganda aimed at the non-thinking people.  Back in WWII, there was "Axis Annie", or "Tokyo Rose".  Now we have Rush, Sean, Ann, and Sarah.  All want to have the nation knuckle under to their sick way of thinking.

Will we??
Any Deity, from Thor, to Allah, to God, and even the Flying Spaghetti Monster, has no desire to rule our pathetic planet.  A "Supreme Being" would have faith in our ability to think our way out of the mess we've gotten ourselves in.  People before profit would be the rule, and humankind would evolve into a more sympathetic, intelligent form of life.  

Of course, don't tell this to the Republicans!