Friday, September 27, 2013

Twerky Trot

A few weeks ago, television viewers were forced to endure the American Music Awards, which have nothing much to do with music.  Awards are given for lame lyrics, inane squawking, and sounding like a chicken getting slaughtered.  Sadly, that's the state of music today. 
As the numerous "acts" took the stage to fill in the dead parts of the show, viewers were treated to a former Disney star, who was determined to show just how far she had gone from her squeaky clean image.

Miley Cyrus came onstage wearing a rather dumb looking outfit, and danced with a rather untalented gent in a Beetlejuice outfit.  She suddenly striped it off, to reveal she was wearing flesh colored plastic underwear.  She began to dance around, attacking her beavage with a giant foam "hand", while grinding into "Beatlejuice".  The current term for this is "Twerking" and viewers at home were up in arms.  They covered their children's eyes and railed about how far down the sewer hole youth had gone.  
These were the same parents who grew up in the "Swinging 70's", dancing in discos, and doing "The Bump".  Same dance move, different name.  Of course it wasn't obscene back then!

Pop music has always had a lameness to it, that had to be covered up by some sort of activity.  This was nothing more than a continuation of that.
I didn't hear a thing about Michael Jackson constantly grabbing his crotch in videos yelling "OOOOH!"
Nor the same thing from Justin Beiber, who grabs himself as if looking for something.....  Try tying a string on it Beibs!

The bottom line is that all these antics take the place of real talent.  Few performers actually go onstage and show their real talent.  When is the last time you heard a singer without a group of dancing people around them?   Why not stand there and belt out the song?  

It's like the Wizard of Oz..."Don't look behind the curtain......."  No one displays their musical talent anymore, they just rely on flash, innuendo, and shock to make their names.

Perhaps they ought to call the award "The Crotchy".

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