Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Decline of Modern Society

I recently saw that the Supreme Court struck down Chicago's ban on handguns. I found the very idea disturbing. That we as a nation, cower in our homes with guns drawn, while the criminals roam the streets is just wrong. This isn't the Dark Ages, where Kings erected castles to protect the citizens. This is supposed to be a civilized society! Yet we as a people continue to buy handguns to protect ourselves from unknown attackers. Sadly, it's a practice that has taken many bad turns.

For example, let's take the case of John Tabutt of Winter Springs Florida. MR. Tabutt and live in girlfriend Nancy Dinsmore were to be married the next day, when Tabutt heard noises to make him think there was an intruder in his home. He assumed that Dinsmore was still sleeping beside him, and upon seeing a shadowy figure in the hall, fired a shot at it. It turns out it was Dinsmore, and she was pronounced dead at the scene. Was this an intelligent use of a weapon? Should MR. Tabutt even have had a weapon? We'll never know what MS. Dinsmore was doing out of bed, but she gave her life for it!

This is just one in a litany of handgun deaths, all committed by ordinary citizens who react without thinking of the consequences. Do we really need to continue this trend?

Another example is the story of 69 year old former Marine Charles Clements of University Park Illinois, who had previously won an award for "The Best Kept Lawn in a Chicago Suburb". MR. Clements had words with 23 year old Joshua Funches when Funches allowed his dog to urinate on Clement's lawn. According to the news story, Clements pulled a gun, and pointed it at Funches. Funches is reported to have said "Next time you pull out a pistol, why don't you use it?" Funches never lived to hear the answer. He was shot dead on the beautifully kept front lawn.

And so I have to ask the question; "WHY"? What has changed in society so much in the past 50 years that we're now a nation of gunslingers? Are we educated enough in the use of weapons to use them? Apparently not.

America has seen a change in the last 50 years that frightens me. We no longer punish our criminals, and we allow gangs to rule the streets. People hide in their homes, afraid a stray bullet will end their life. Why is this tolerated? Why doesn't society do something about it's decline? Instead of facing down the problem, we sit behind locked doors with guns drawn.

Our parents, and grandparents didn't live like this. Why should we? Are we as a people afraid to take away the right of criminals to commit crimes?

Think back to our younger years, when there was no "Gangsta Rap", no drive by shootings, and no corner drug dealers. What a bucolic time that was!

I leave you with this thought:
Imagine transposing today's reality on to 1950's TV. I'll set the scene up for you:

We open with the Cleaver family gathered around Ward, who is seen holding a smoking 9mm Glock pistol. Off to the right, we see a lifeless body.

Wally: "Gee Beav, I guess dad was really sore at Eddy"
Beaver: "I guess so Wally, he plugged him real good!"
June: "Oh Ward, now I have to clean that up!"

This is our society today, and it's time to fix it!

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  1. So true. Guns don't kill, people do...But it is so much easier when they have easy access to a handgun or worse yet, an automatic weapon.