Monday, July 26, 2010

"Grand Theft.........Peotone!"

OK, I'll admit I'm a gamer, I've been one since computers morphed into the machines we have today. We went from copies of "Pac-Man" to games far beyond what we might have imagined way back when.
However, back then, the gamer was always "The Victim". From being chased by ghosts in Pac-Man, and Ms Pac-Man, and others, your character was always the one in trouble.

Enter the "Grand Theft Auto" era. In these games, you played the street savvy gangster, who would take anything from anyone.
This pretty much defines the current state of things pertaining to the eternal white elephant known as the Peotone Airport.

This scheme is like a video game zombie; it doesn't die, but merely keeps coming after you. Residents of Eastern Will County have been threatened with this abomination for over 50 years now.
Currently, led by Jesse Jackson Jr., the scheme is starting to reflect the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise. They see nothing wrong with taking homes and farms that have been in families for generations. The entire region subsists on agriculture, but to airport supporters, it's merely vacant land. Who cares if it provides a living for it's owners? Who cares if it brings grief to thousands of people surrounding the airport site? The promoters are looking to profit from this idea, while the people who are putting up the money are left holding the bag. No doubt Jackson and his ilk will pocket the money and slink away, looking for another victim.

And, much like GTA, they are using eminent domain threats to "carjack" peoples homes. They quote laws that really don't apply in order to strip away the rights and real estate of the people. Much like the last lines of a popular limerick "It wasn't the almighty that lifted her nighty, It was Roger the lodger, by god!", they base their thefts on untruths and innuendos. Until there is approval of this airport, the state (and assorted thugs) cannot legally take anything.
All this amounts to is simply carjacking. taking what doesn't belong to you, because you can use fear and threats to get it.
Fear seems to be a big thing in politics these days, scare people enough and they'll do your bidding.

Where is Duke Nukem when we need him??

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