Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Enough Already!

The news this morning had yet another story about Tim Tebow, the Denver Bronco's quarterback who seemingly is known more for his praying than his playing.  The national press has bombarded us with photos of Tebow down on one knee giving thanks to the guy upstairs for letting him complete a touchdown pass or other such nonsense.  Are we then to assume that the big guy is a Broncos fan?  That's sort of favoritism, isn't it?  I would think that the Green Bay Packers would be more to a deity's liking.  The thought that Vince Lombardi wouldn't have some sort of influence on holy fandom is just ridiculous!  

This whole idea of thanking an imaginary person for "helping" you do something you actually did yourself had gotten out of control.  From the Emmy Awards, to the Oscars, to the Grammys, performers and artists thank Jesus for their good fortune.  Does anyone really think that a higher power helped them remember their lines in a movie, or look like a cool gang-banger is a music video?  This is just nuts, and it's getting worse by the week.
Watch a NASCAR race sometime, and you'll wonder if you are in church.  The long invocation each race begins with is unneeded.  The Lord doesn't care if anyone wins the race or not, he has no money on it, nor does he have his own track.  He does sponsor one car sometimes, at least that's what the graphics on it suggest.  However, I don't think Jesus is in the stands wearing a mullet and a #3 jersey sipping beers, and eating brats.  Nor does he drive his motor home to the track's infield to do a bit of tailgating before the race!  

Religion is just fine, as long as you keep it to yourself.  Believe what you want, but don't make a big production out of it.  Think about the outrage if a Muslim player did the same thing as Tebow does.  People would be rioting in the stands!  You can bet the news media wouldn't replay the video over and over either.  Personally, I would like to see a pagan quarterback make a great play, and then sacrifice a goat afterwards!  Now that woulds be some fine TV!

The bottom line is that you're successful on your own.
No higher power does stuff for you, you've got to do it yourself.  Sadly, if you screw up, there's no one to blame for that either.  You're on your own in this life!  Let's tone this whole thing down a bit. Because if we don't, one day we'll be watching the green flag drop at a NASCAR race and Darryl Waltrip will be encouraging drivers to "reach up and pull those bible belts tight, boys"!
Boogity, boogity, boogity, let's go prayin'!


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