Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Final Countdown

We humans are a pretty gullible bunch of people.  We tend to believe myths, stories, and legends like they were real.  Lately, the world has been inundated by prophesies that the world will be ending in December of this year.  From killer comets, to old JC himself making a return visit, the airwaves are abuzz with talk of the end if the world.

Some time back, explorers stumbled across an ancient Mayan stone carving.  They somehow decided it was a calendar, and followed its carvings to a date this December.  After that, there is nothing else.  I have to wonder just how a people who couldn't sustain their own existence, could plan that far into the future.  After all, there sure aren't any Mayans hanging around to ask.  Yet people believe this, to a point.  While there isn't a rush to buy expensive items and not pay for them yet, people tend to put some faith in this theory.  In 2011, we had a California preacher who literally predicted the exact date and  time the world would end.  His followers sold, or gave away all their earthly possessions and traveled the country promoting this idea.  Of course, it failed to happen, and the so called apostles of this nut had to go out and find jobs and start over.  Then the good preacher made up another date and time, which also didn't pan out.  
All the non-Mayan theories  revolve around the idea that the lord will return to earth, and kick the crap out of it  Where the heck he's been for over 2000 years never gets mentioned.  Was he on Mars, or Uranus?  

First off, why in the hell would he come back after what happened to him the first time he was allegedly here.  The story of his death was not a pretty one, given all the good deeds he did for people back then.  It was truly a case of them biting the hand of the one that fed them!

With all the Christian hate spewing believers out there this election year, the second coming has been overshadowed.  They continue to bash President Obama every chance they get, while spouting the 10 suggestions, and holding their guns closer than their bibles.  Obviously, hypocrisy is paramount to their so called "faith".

But what if; what if JC was actually here, and living in the US?  What if people around the world saw him on TV, and the internet, and didn't realize just who they were seeing?  

Let's do a scientific study:
JC was bound and determined to help the sick and feed the hungry.
JC had compassion for those that were different than him.
JC didn't have much use for wealthy bankers.
JC was not a Caucasian guy with a beard and long hair, he was more likely of Arabic, or African descent.

Comparing the facts from then and now, we must conclude that if the lord is here, then he must be President Obama!  
After all, isn't a national healthcare plan the "Christian" thing to do?  Aren't programs aimed at helping the poor and feeding the children much like what went on 2000 years ago?

Just to be on the safe side, I'm voting for President Obama for a second term.  While he's not 5' 9", (he's actually 6' 1" ) we'll be given at least another four years on earth if he wins, and perhaps more if we help him get things done.  Not to mention, we can laugh at the Mayans and evangelicals some more, and as we all know, laughter is good for us!

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