Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reach For It!

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of comments on social networking sites by people who are gun owners.  They trumpet all the things that their state's concealed carry laws would allow them to do, if the need aroseThe really odd thing is that they speak of their guns as if they were a spouse or something.  It's almost like handguns are the new mistress in their lives!  Women too, love their guns, and tend to collect hundreds of rounds of ammunition for them.  These modern day gunslingers won't go anywhere without their weapons.  In fact there was an article in the news last month about the husband and wife in Colorado who are suing the Postal Service for prohibiting firearms on Postal Property.  They claim they should be allowed to bring their guns in when they pick up their mail!  WTF??  Our generation grew up watching Westerns on TV.  Hopalong Cassidy, the Lone Ranger, and Gunsmoke all featured pistol packing characters, who were quick on the draw, and quicker still on the trigger.  Most of us had cap guns to play with as children, and would try and emulate Marshall Dillon, or Ben Cartwright with our slightly slower draw.

I find it interesting that these concealed carry advocates remind me so much of some of the neighborhood kids I grew up with.  They were seldom seen without their trusty sidearm.   They fancied themselves as the next Marshall Dillon, tho they really didn't want to uphold the law, they wanted to impress everyone with their guns.  I have a feeling that these kids grew up to become the concealed carry movement.  They have their guns hidden where, after a short time, they can find them and use them.  My take is that if a person points a gun at you and pulls the trigger, you hardly have time to watch your life pass in front of your eyes, much less draw your gun.  Or better yet, if you see a robber holding up a citizen in a back ally somewhere, pull you trusty pistol and shoot him, you're not a hero, you are a murderer!  There is no reason to parade around with a hidden gun.  If you feel the need to have one, keep it at home.  The police force was hired, (and trained) to uphold the law.  They are the ones here to protect us.  They alone have the training, the knowledge, and experience to stop crime.
If I had my way, people would not be able to conceal pistols on their person, only shotguns.  That way, the surrounding population would know who is armed, and who to stay away from.  A concealed shotgun down a person's trouser leg would send a clear message that a gun is present, and that at any moment, the man, (or woman)  reach down to scratch themselves, and shoot their foot!

The Lone Ranger was a myth, and the "Wild West" has faded into history.  I guess some just won't let that idea go away.  Some want to relive their childhood and still play with guns.  Sadly, they aren't using caps, but live, lethal, ammunition!

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