Friday, April 6, 2012

Trumped up!

The world is full of miscreants, thieves and other less than savory types.  We have been told since early childhood, that we must work hard to be successful.  Lately, Donald Trump,  "The Donald"  has been held up to us as an "ideal".  Yes he appears to have a ton of money, and attracts the beautiful people, despite that weird hair, but is he really what he seems?

It is amazing how many people declare bankruptcy these days.  It's an easy process where you can hire a lawyer, go before a judge, and get out of whatever debt you have racked up.  Isn't that convenient?  You can do what ever you want and never face the consequences.  It's soooo easy!  Trump's companies have declared bankruptcy 4 times, according to records.  As a man who makes huge deals, I must wonder just how much he stiffed his creditors.  Is this a role model for the rest of us?  Has honesty been replaced by profits at all costs?

I remember being taught that if you want something, you have to save for it in order to get it.  There was no instant gratification involved.  You had to wait until you had the funds.  As time passed, the world became a credit-oriented society, and you bought today, and paid tomorrow.  That was still fine, as long as you settled your debts.  The new way of doing things is doing nothing.  Run up a mountain of bills, ignore them, and then be forgiven them by the court.  Then, you can start over again!  Isn't this thievery?  It's almost like you are immune to paying things back, and pity the people you owe!

"I owe, I owe, so off to work I go" no longer takes precedence.  Live the good life and don't pay, and you can keep it up as long as you can afford a lawyer.  Oddly enough, you must pay the lawyer, before he helps you to stiff the other creditors!

This is just plain robbery!  If you can't afford things, don't buy them.  If you run up credit card bills beyond what you earn, then stop buying until you get them paid off.  Put yourself in the shoes of those you owe.  Could you survive as a business, if people kept finding a way to avoid paying you?  
No, "The Donald" sure isn't a role model, he's more of a bad example.  When we shirk our responsibilities as consumers, and use the law to get out of them, it makes us no better than common thieves.  Only "The Donald" and his bad comb over can get away with that!

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