Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Every Village Needs an Idiot

Years ago, it seems that everywhere you went, there was at least one person that was slightly odder than the rest of the people.  Perhaps they lived like hermits, or, were obsessed with weird calamities that might befall the human race, wore tinfoil hats to protect them from mind control, and the like.  They were watched with a wary eye by the general population, because who knew what they would do?  Of course back then, there was no way for them to communicate with one another, so they stayed in their own little word and only bothered the local folk.

Then along came the Internet and social media, creating an instant soapbox for these cretins.  Worse yet, they discovered an entire planet full of oddballs just like themselves!  They shared phobias, networked, and became the force that they are today.
They seemingly have turned half the world to their type of thinking. They have posted slick videos to sites like YouTube, and have their own Television outlets.  They have banded together, and found a way to convince the world that they are correct in their paranoia.
Take YouTube for example.  Check out how many videos there are about the invisible "Ninja" planet Niburu there are.  Or the videos showing that the government has an antenna array in Alaska, that is designed to cause another New Madrid earthquake along the Mississippi River.  Then look at the views, and the comments;  The idiots are gaining followers at an alarming rate!  Or, check out Fox News, so called news, that is.  They spew daily doses of nonsense, and people consider it gospel.  They flock to hear this drivel in droves, and worse yet, they believe it, and repeat it.

Look at the United States today.  We have "birthers", "truthers", and the always popular racists.  They host radio shows, appear on television and defend their lunacy by convincing others they're right.  Pretty soon, half the country qualifies as "Villiage Idiots".  
What's worse, they now have a political party to call their own, and have been elected to Congress to dictate life for all of us.  The inmates indeed, are running the asylum!  Sadly, it's too late to reverse the trend.  Groups like the NRA wanting armed teachers, students, and janitors in the schools sound more like a Nazi invasion than a learning experience.  It seems that the paranoid have inherited the earth!
I wonder why the followers of these fruit loops never question what they hear.  Why they don't think a statement through, but merely repeat what's heard, puzzles me.  After all, they were perfectly normal friends and neighbors, who were swept up in the paranoia being spewed by the people they used to shun.  What gives?

If we ever want to be a truly "United States", we need to go back to shunning these people.  Eventually, they'll don their tinfoil hats again, and quiet down.  And we must pass a National law:  Only one idiot per village!  

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