Friday, November 11, 2011

8 is Enough Already!

I turned on the news the other day, only to learn that the Duggar family from our fair state, was expecting yet another child. Why is this news, you might ask? Well the Duggars are a one family population explosion. They have 19 children as of now, and are expecting another.

Most "normal" families have roughly 2 children per household, and raising them to adulthood is a tough task indeed. Raising twenty is just insane!

The father, Jim Bob, (who's name is an embarrassment to those of us who live here) is in real estate, while the mother, Michelle, is stuck with raising the hoard. All the children's names begin with "J", which is weird in and of itself. I would imagine that with all those kids, they have to be running out of names pretty soon. May I offer: Jerry-Bob, Jezebel-Bob, and Junkyard-Bob?

The Duggar's religion suggests that the Lord is "planting" these children in Michelle, but we all know it ain't the Almighty that's been lifting her nighty! Supporting all those children has to be a real financial burden. Perhaps it's the Tooth Fairy doing the dirty deed, and leaving money under her pillow! After, food isn't cheap!

The family has discovered that all this birthing is a great way to make money. They do interviews, and sign autographs just like celebrities.
I still have a problem with the whole idea.

First off, home schooling 19 children makes for 19 children who know nothing about the real world. They are force-fed religious beliefs, political opinions, and whatever intolerance's the parents have. It's much like trying to clone yourself. The child grows up without the rich education of the real world. Despite all the warts on public education, at least a child meets others from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Understanding the world around us hinges on our understanding real life, not bible stories.

Forcing the older children to school the younger ones is also a bad idea. Once again, it's reinforcing what the parents believe and ignoring the world around them.

So Michelle will have yet another child soon, and go back to waiting for the lord to leave her "Oinkin' from the Boinkin'" one more time, and the family will go back on tour once again.

How is this different from the "Octomom"? Is there any difference in the two cases? Celebrity status only lasts so long, and while it's fun to stand in the spotlight, think about how the world is overcrowded as it is, and of the thousands of children who need adopting. One day the spotlight will fade, and they will be left struggling like any other family.

I would suggest that Jim-Bob put a lock on the bedroom door, to keep out all the interlopers. for if it ain't the Almighty next time, it might be Rodger the Lodger!

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