Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"The rain on Cain has proved to be a pain"

Meet Herman Cain, yet another of the Republican menagerie of candidates for the 2012 Presidential nomination. Cain has been doing well in the polls lately, but fittingly on Halloween, Cain's skeleton in the closet came out and introduced itself. Cain was at the helm of the Godfathers Pizza chain for some time, before selling it off. He was the head of an association of restaurant owners, when he made sexually offensive remarks to several women. I can only imagine what type of offensive remark he might have made. Did he offer them "Speedy Delivery", or offer to "Hold Their Anchovies"? We'll never know, since once a complaint was made by the women, they were offered a cash sum to keep quiet. First off, if you can afford to pay hush money, you're not representative of the rest of the population. The average citizen would have to own up to the incident, and try to make amends to the offended, not pay them to shut up. Cain attempted to deny the whole thing, and then admit to, perhaps a little wrongdoing. Later, he admitted to a bit more, while still proclaiming his innocence.

Cain is part of a growing number of people seeking the spotlight in the here and now, and not carefully checking their past. To put yourself under the microscope and not remember that skeleton in the closet is a recipe for disaster. If Cain hid this fact, were there others?

Look at John Edwards, another former Presidential candidate. Edwards had an affair that ended up with him "accidentally" getting a new daughter. At first he denied it, but as time passed, he finally admitted to his indiscretion.

Lying about a past incident, paying money to cover it up, then admitting that you might know something, before finally admitting your involvement, is political suicide. Any candidate has to look at their past, before they can look to their future

So tell us Herm, what else did you do.....inquiring minds want to know!

Just remember the words of that famous "Georgia Satellites" song:

"Don't give me no lines, and keep your hands to yourself"!

It's good advice for All candidates!

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