Monday, November 28, 2011

Following like Lemmings

If you think about it, we're really a nation of sheep.  We follow along with whatever nonsense we're indoctrinated with, never questioning what we hear, for we've heard it so often, we take it as factual.
Think back to childhood, when we had to learn the alphabet.  It was taught to us by singing it over and over and over again.  To this day, when you try to recite it, your first urge is to sing it.  Pretty weird, isn't it?  It represents mind control at it's best.  You don't question the song, you simply believe it, learn it, and know it.  Did we ever question the middle part of the song?  What is an "Elemeno", and why are we obsessed with it's urine?  Just how much "pee" does the Elemeno excrete?  I thinks that's more important than learning the alphabet!

That mind-numbing repetition carries on through our adult life.  We hear things so often, that we fail to examine them, merely accepting them as fact.  Face it, "An apple a day" isn't necessary to keep the doctor away, because he's got a collection agency to hound you.  

Since the last election, we have heard the mean people, ranting about the President being a Muslim (or as it's pronounce here. MOOOOSLUM).  He's been called a Socialist, and his birth certificate has been called a fake.  This is because of the glut of right-wing talk shows, spewing the seeds of discontent.  The regular listeners of these shows hear these non-facts over and over until they become gospel truth to them.  Then they go out and attempt to indoctrinate everyone they meet with their "knowledge".  It's kind of sad that no one questions, or researches anything anymore, they just follow.  This same policy worked to aid in the rise of the Nazi party prior to WW2.  Tell people the same story long enough, and you possess their minds.

The truth is out there, but people are to lazy to look for it.  They simply wander through life, listening to propaganda aimed directly at them, and believe it.

As for me, I'm in awe of what I see and hear, and want to learn more.  I make my decisions, based on a compilation of facts, not singsong rhetoric.  However, I do fear that darn Elemeno, and what damage he could do with all that pee!

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